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 No two frames are alike

P.H. Miller Studio is grounded in carving and gilding traditions. Historic or modern in style, every frame is hand-crafted using time-honored techniques and materials. We draw on our extensive, knowledge of history to design a one-of-a-kind frame to complement each piece of unique artwork. Our style is unabashedly American, drawn from traditional styles across the globe and influencing our design approach. Built to last, with the highest quality standards, your family will enjoy them for generations to come.


From the elegance of the Federal Era to the brilliant simplicity of the Craftsman aesthetic, Americans always have pushed the boundaries of art, design, and artisanship. P.H. Miller Studio creates authentic frames in American styles that honor the past but define 21st-century design.


 Some P.H. Miller frames are "European inspired" where we take poetic license with historic designs and hone the frame  design to  best suit the art it contains. But others are replications true to form. We work closely with every client to strike the perfect balance between authenticity and originality.

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