P.H. Miller handmade gilded art frames are created by a master who raises frame-making to a fine arts level. That's why Peter signs each Studio-made frame. He believes the painting-to-frame relationship is a marriage of aesthetics. Frame form follows function. Its specific purpose is to draw the eye into the focal plane of art.

Peter offers two methods for selecting an original, custom, gilded frame for your art.

Peter Miller hand carves an art frame

1.) You can consult with Peter, to commission a studio-designed handmade original art frame, uniquely designed for your painting, keepsake or art. Every commissioned original frame involves carefully analyzing the art piece, in terms of period, color, tone, texture, and geometric elements which influence Peter’s recommendation of molding shape; gold karat weight and color; 

carving details and; other surface treatments. Check the Frames Portfolio for examples of the Studio's commissions.


2.) Or, you may peruse the Frame Catalog, a collection of dozens of studio-designed and handcrafted, water-gilded frames inspired by history, tradition and art, to select a frame you wish to have made for you.


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