Peter is a master in handmade gilded art frames and conservator/restorer. He is a highly skilled carver and gilder who also designs and creates a wide variety of simple-to-ornate furniture and home furnishings, in addition to original frames. He personally applies each of the artistic disciplines necessary to transform a length of wood into an original gilded frame that can stand alone as a work of art. In fact, each P.H. Miller creation is signed and dated like a fine

Peter Miller, frame-maker


Growing up, Peter spent a lot of time in his father’s wood shop learning basic skills, which were the foundation of a passion for working with wood, and a spirit of craftsmanship that Peter has

spent his life developing. He learned traditional water gilding and related disciplines through the Society of Gilders, an organization

dedicated to upholding professional standards and preserving traditional gilding skills and techniques. He studied with gilders Giovanni Bucchi, Grace Baggott, Marty Horowitz, Lou Tilmont, Jill London, Jeff Solomon, Michael Gilbert, Susan Jackson, Patricia Miranda, Frances Binnington Federer and, Carole Halle. He also served as president of the society.

He is also certified with the Professional Picture Framers Association, an industry group that set standards for framing.