Cassetta, Palladium Metal Leaf Frame

P.H. Miller Studio created this combed gesso cassetta frame, gilded with Palladium leaf, for an original painting by Marsden Hartley.

Honest Abe's Portrait Frame

P.H. Miller Studio's recreated frame for the George H. Story portrait of Lincoln at the life-size facsimile of the Oval Office in the G. W. Bush Presidential Library, Dallas.

Ship at Sea Nautical-Style Frame

P.H. Miller frame designed and inspired by Charles Prendergast with rope carving, and shell corner motifs, 23kt gold with painted panel background, original painting artist unknown.

Stanford White-Style Frame

Stanford White-inspired frame by P.H. Miller Studio with applied compo basket weave ornament and carved gadrooning, water gilded for original oil by J. Alden Weir

N.C. Wyeth's Zirngiebel House

The Brandywine Museum commissioned this Frank Coll-inspired frame by P.H. Miller Studio. It is water gilded and carved for N.C. Wyeth's original painting. Coll was a Wilmington, DE, frame-maker who made many frames for the Wyeth family.

Halloween-Themed Folk Art Frame

Black cats and whimsy adorn the corners of this P.H. Miller Studio Folk Art frame for an original painting by Linda Nelson Stocks.

Hassam-Style Initial "H" Frame

Childe Hassam-style initial "H" frame for an original etching by the same American Impressionist.

Art Nouveau AntiquePoster

P.H. Miller Studio's Art Nouveau-style frame with low relief carving and incising in lemon gold for original French Salon poster.

Waves Carved in Wood

P.H. Miller's carved frame is etched with waves and water gilded in 12kt leaf over blue bole for an original painting by William Trost Richards.

Stanford White-Style Frame

P.H. Miller's Stanford White-style frame for Their Pride by Thomas Hovendon. Frame is water gilded in 23kt gold with applied ornamentation.

Bucks County-Style Frame

Bucks County inspired frame by P.H. Miller, carved, incised and featuring punch work and lemon gold leaf for Summer Birch an original oil by D. Garber.

Frederick Harer-Inspired Frame

Bucks County style frame by P.H. Miller for original painting by Henry Rankin Poore. Carved and adorned with punch work and water gilded in 22kt gold leaf.

Federal-Style Frame

Thomas Sully Federal Style frame by P.H. Miller Studio with decorated spandrel, water gilded for 18th-century portrait of Benjamin Franklin.

Foster Brother-Style Frame

P.H. Miller created this carved and water gilded frame design inspired by 19th-century, Boston-based Foster Brothers for an original oil by William Trost Richards.

Frame created for G.W. Bush Library

Commissioned by the George W. Bush Library, P.H. Miller recreated the frame for the J. Onderdonk painting, Cactus Flowers, for the Presidential Library's life-size facsimile of the White House Oval Office in Dallas.

Childe Hassam-Inspired Frame

Arts and Crafts, Childe Hassam-style frame by P.H. Miller Studio for original oil by H. Wilson Irving.

Bergeron Barns Frame

Bucks County-style frame by P.H. Miller Studio is carved, incised and features punchwork and water gilding with 23 1/2 kt gold leaf for Barns at Sunset by Pete Bergeron.

Bergeron Sunrise Frame

Arts and Crafts style frame by P.H. Miller Studio is carved and water gilded with 22kt gold leaf for original painting by Pete Bergeron.

P.H. Miller-created Thangka Frame

Carved and water gilded frame for Tibetan painting on cotton.

American Barbizon-Style Frame

American Barbizon-style P.H. Miller frame with perforated carving and water gilded for original oil, At Rest, by Victor Fontaine.

P.H. Miller's Arts and Crafts Frame

Arts and Crafts-style P.H. Miller Studio frame for original F. Luis Mora painting, frame is carved and water gilded

Cassetta Frame, Mary Whyte Painting

This cassetta frame by P.H. Miller Studio is designed and styled in the style of early 20th-century artists/framemakers Max Kuehne and Charles Prendergast with white gold and blue bole. Mary Whyte's oil painting of New Guinea impatiens.

P.H. Miller frame on Blue Bells.

G.W. Bush Library commissioned this P.H. Miller-made frame for the recreated Oval Office; featuring J. Onderdonk's Blue Bells painting.

Snowscape by Arthur Meltzer

P.H. Miller's Bucks County-inspired frame for original oil by Arthur Meltzer.

Walter Schofield painting

P.H. Miller Bucks County-style frame, inspired by Philip Yates, for original painting by Walter Schofield, carved and water gilded in 23kt gold.

P.H. Miller Waterfall-Motif Frame

P.H. Miller's handmade and gilded custom art, waterfall-motif frame. Painting by Connecticut contemporary artist Pete Bergeron.

Sotter's Snow Bound Hills

P.H. Miller Studio's carved and tooled contemporary Sully-style frame water gilded with 12kt white gold over blue and yellow bole for original oil, Snow Bound Hills by George Sotter

P.H. Miller Frame on Mary Image

Spanish style carved, gilded and painted frame for 19th-century painting depicting Mary, on copper.

P.H. Miller frame for Chili Queens

G. W. Bush Presidential Library commissioned this frame for J. Onderdonk's Chili Queens at the Alamo. It hangs in the Bush Library's recreation of the Oval Office, Dallas.

Cassetta Frame

P.H. Miller's cassetta frame inspired by artist Charles Prendergast for original painting by Frederick Judd Waugh, Frame is carved, incised and water gilded with 22kt gold.

P.H. Miller Frame for Bush Library

P.H. Miller Studio's recreation of a gold-leaf Federal-style frame, on a copy of Rembrandt Peale's portrait of the our nation's first president, George Washington, hangs in a full-size replica of the President's Oval Office at the the George W. Bush Library, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas.

P.H. Miller Frame Am. Art Nouveau

American Art Nouveau style frame, carved and water gilded with 23kt over blue bole, for original oil, Beaches at Far Rockaway by Edward Potthast. Frame commissioned by Two Red Roses Foundation.

Walter Schofield Painting

P.H. Miller-created Bucks County-style frame, similar to Philip Yates, for original painting by Walter Schofield, carved and water gilded in 23kt gold.

Tabernacle Frame

Italian Renaissance-style Tabernacle frame by P.H. Miller Studio is carved and features sgraffito and painted decoration. It is water gilded with 23kt for modern art photo of Madonna and Child.

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