This korbel is finished to demonstrate bole and gold leaf application steps used in gilding

P.H. Miller Studio offers Conservation & Restoration services for period picture frames and gilded furniture and objects.

Restoration includes structural repair; gesso foundation work; loss replacement; paint or finish removal 

replacement; paint or finish removal on gilded surfaces, as appropriate.

Dust, dirt, and aging of a gilded surface are valued, respected and, often, remains untouched during the restoration process, provided it is in good repair. It is unusual for us to recommend a full re-gilding a surface.

The Studio focuses on preserving the history of gilded surfaces and invariably recommends a treatment course to minimize alteration of adjoining gilded surfaces in good repair. Explore the Conservation/Restoration Portfolio for examples of Studio projects.

All restoration projects require a close inspection of the object and client consultation. We also are happy to view your object via email and/or digital images, provided by the client, with the understanding the Studio has the right to adjust any estimate after actual physical examination of the piece.

Contact us to discuss your restoration needs!