Due to Covid19 our in-studio classes have been temporarily suspended. Please contact Peter if you are interested in taking gilding classes in the future. We will maintain a list of interested students to keep up dated as to scheduled classes. 

In the interim, we are working on videos about gilding and frame making which will be available in the not to distant future.



Please note the class description so that you will have an idea of what our studio classes are like

Water Gilding Workshop

From Glue to Gilding and Everything in between


Dates Classes are typically scheduled from Friday through Monday

Location: P. H. Miller Studio, frame-maker

1 East Main Street

Berryville, VA 22611

B&B’s. airbnb's nearby as well as lodging in Winchester VA about 8 miles from the studio. Dulles Airport about 45 minutes from town. For more information on lodging please contact the studio.


Teacher:  Peter Miller    Hours of Class: 8:30 - 5:30     Class size: 4 min - 6 max

Phone number & contact info: 203-206-3423 (C)  or                     Web address:

Please register for this class by clicking on


Class Description:


This workshop provides the student with an immersion into the ancient decorative art of traditional water gilding.  Traditional Water Gilding is only achieved when the methods, types of materials and proper tools used by master gilders during the Italian Renaissance are used in water gilding today. This class provides each student with that foundation which will result in beautiful water gilded surfaces. This workshop teaches students how to  make rabbit skin glue gesso, making bole (gilders clay with rabbit skin glue), preparing the wood surface for gilding, how to use specific gilders tools. Once the frames are prepared each student will learn how to apply gold leaf onto the frames and then learn how to burnish the water gilding, rendering highly reflective surfaces. As time allows the workshop always devotes a smaller but important block of time devoted to learning the basics of toning the gilded surfaces. This Workshop promises to be educational, informative and a  hands on experience. 

This class is suitable for the novice  as well as for those gilders that are interested in improving techniques. Each student will be provided with a frame to work on and then take with them. Students should bring work clothes or aprons and comfortable shoes which will enable standing while working. If a student already has proper gilding tools they are encouraged to bring them. 




Registration Fee (SOG):charge will be added when you register at

4 day workshop $970.00 with materials

Tool Fee: $185.00  Includes 1 dog tooth shaped agate burnisher, 1 gilders cushion, 2 bole brushes. 1 gilders knife, 1 gilder’s tip, 1 mop*

Materials provided  Include 1 joined frame, gold leaf for the frame, the materials for the class to make gesso, bole and rabbit skin glue, sand paper and other abrasive materials, rolled cotton, polishing fabrics, materials for the class for toning,  class syllabus including recipes, formulas, material resources and reading list.


*Students may bring their own tools if they are traditional gilding tools. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes that can withstand art studio stuff.