“I have known Peter since 2006. I instantly became a fan of his work.

He is uniquely creative in his ability to produce a frame that is specific to the painting, and that completes the work like no ordinary frame could.

The right frame matters, as does the craftsmanship. Peter is a master of both. I always look forward to the next frame he will create with the absolute certainty that the frame he designs will be the right one.”

- Landscape artist Peter Bergeron, Connecticut

Peter Bergeron Artist
Roger Blum Artist

"I can wholeheartedly testify to the superior  craftsmanship and ability of Peter Miller to make a frame according to historic accuracy or individual preferences within the hand carved and gilded process."

- Landscape and sporting artist Roger Blum, Colorado, in front of his work in Peter's frame

"Thank you for an absolutely fabulous job on restoring our early 20th-century Chinese Temple blocks. 

"Your artistic mastery was evident, once again, as they turned out exactly as we had envisioned them, if not even better."

 - Warren W. Tichenor

former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Private Individuals

"Peter creatively and instinctively refers to the painting's subject matter and palette, to specifically design complementary frames for our American Impressionist art collection. It is Peter's balance of artistic nuance, pride and passion that compliments the artist's work. P.H. Miller Studios's frames are synonymous with such great frames made by Frederick Harer, Ben Badura and Arthur Meltzer."

- James and Connie M., New York

"The frame on the painting has not only transformed the painting, but the room in which it is hanging." 

- Joyce E., Connecticut

"The frames are beautiful and they make the antique prints even more dramatic. You do magnificent work. I just can't wait to hang the work  you've done for me. All of them will have the most prominent places in my new home."

- Nancy W., Pennsylvania