Important Reopening Information

 for our Clients and Visitors

The P. H. Miller Studio Showroom and Sales area will reopen for business on Tuesday June 2, 2020 at 10:00am.


  1. Face coverings are required.

  2. Hand Sanitizers are required to be used if you will be handling any of our offerings. 

  3. Social Distancing will be in force as much as possible 

  4. Two visitors at a time can be in the studio at any given time. 

  5. The Studio work spaces will not be open for entering.

  6.  If you have projects to discuss with me, I ask you and encourage you to call me in advance so that we can  set up an appointment time convenient to you and when I plan to not have others in the Showroom. 

  7. If you come to the Studio or are visiting town, most likely I am here. If you would like to look around the showroom or have a conversation about a project, please  knock on the door or call 540-955-3939



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